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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 9, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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trueet cathy. ali velshi is here every saturday and you can catch me on your bottom line saturday mornings at 9:30 eastern. stay connected with ali 24/7 on facebook and twitter. his handle is @alidevelop which i. have a great weekend you're in the "cnn newsroom" where the news unfolds live this saturday, july 9th. i'm fredricka whitfield. happening right now, a new defense secretary leon panetta landed in afghanistan today. he says since killing osama bin laden the u.s. has al qaeda in his words on the run. his first trip to the war zone comes during his first full week on the job. the dalai lama is in washington, d.c. today, beginning a ten-day spiritual ritual with thousands gathered on the west lawn of the u.s. capital. the leader of tibetan buddhism
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said the journey to world peace starts with individual peace of mind. >> try to create calm mind, peaceful mind and that creates our own community. that's the way to change society. >> the chinese government is taking a dim view of the dalai lama's visit to washington. it dismissed him as a political exile engaging in tibetan separatist activities under the guise of religion. the final edition of the news of the world is due out in a few hours from now. rupert murdoch is expected to arrive in london to deal with the hacking scandal that forced the paper to shut down. journalists are accused of illegally tapping into the voice mails of crime victims and bribing police. across america, people are
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remembering betty ford for her resilience, courage and her candor. the former first lady died yesterday in rancho mirage, california. her family by her side. she was 93. cnn's thelma gutierrez is in rancho mirage. what has been the reaction there, thelma? >> reporter: well, of course, fredricka, one of sadness. betty ford was part of this community for so many years. but people here are also celebrating her life and her legacy, the legacy she left behind with the betty ford center. she died yesterday afternoon. and her family, her children were here at her side. they have been mourning in private, but they released statements a short time ago saying that mother's love, candor, devotion and laughter enrichard our lives and the lives of the millions she touched throughout the great nation. to be in her presence was to know the warmen of a truly great lady. mother's passing leaves us with a deep void but it also fills us
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with immeasurable appreciation for the life we and dad shared with her. the fords were married for 58 years and her family was with her when she passed and they described that passing as very peaceful. >> so, thelma, you're outside the betty ford center, which is one of the nation's leading clinics for substance abuse. has there been any kind of display of sentiment for the passing of betty ford there? >> reporter: yeah, you know, you talk to people who knew betty ford, they say that she was a trailblazer. she was talking about subjects that were taboo, fredricka, back in the '70s. as a first lady she was talking about gay marriage, about substance abuse, about breast cancer, things that first ladies just didn't talk about back then, much less anybody else. and they remember her as someone who really paved the way for people to come forward and to ask for help. those people with addiction. when you think about it,
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fredricka, 90,000 patients and their families have been helped by the center. it really is a remarkable legacy that she left behind. >> thelma gutierrez, thanks so much from rancho mirage. appreciate that. now, the man who won this year's dancing with the stars couldn't waltz his way out of a dui ticket. in atlanta early today, hines ward, who is a star receiver for the nfl pittsburgh steelers, posted a $1,000 bond. take a look here. this is the mug shot taken of him at the dekalb county jail. small fire broke out at a rihanna concert in dallas last night. the concert had to be cut short. cnn affiliate ktvt is reporting the fire apparently started from pyrotechnics that were part of the show. no one, thankfully, was hurt. and today marks first full day in space for "atlantis." it is on the final mission of nasa's shuttle program.
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over the next 12 days, the four astronauts will test some robot u ic equipment and deliver supplies. in addition to music from coldplay, the crew got an unusual wake-up call today. >> good morning, "atlantis." the marshall space flight center hopes you enjoyed your ride to orbit. we wish you a successful mission and a safe return home. >> that's a great way to start the day. "atlantis" is expected to dock with the space station tomorrow. and we're trying to keep up with will and kate as the royal couple visits southern california. they are on a roll. they're packing a lot of events into their whirlwind three-day tour. cnn's casey wian is keeping tabs on the royal visitors. already people have turned out for what is going to be a pretty spectacular polo match, right? >> reporter: it absolutely should be, fredricka. we're on the red carpet, where some of the folks who have paid
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as much as $400, even up to $4,000 a seat to attend this match that prince william is going to play in later this afternoon. you can see behind me the people are beginning to arrive and the folks from tiffany & cou has ben nice enough to bring the trophy they're playing for. it is made of silver and gold and has a polo and equestrian motif. the duchess of cambridge, prince william's wife, will be presenting this trophy to the winning team. we just spoke with one of the prince's teammates, a man named andrew bush, he said that definitely puts a little extra pressure on the prince's team to come out on top in this match. he says they're expecting a very competitive polo match later today, but it is all for a good cause. they're expecting to raise several million dollars for the prince and his brother's charity. it will benefit at risk youth, will benefit military families
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around the world and also environmental causes. that match is scheduled to begin in about four hours. >> and the cameras clearly loving this couple, whether they're in canada or here in the states. i don't know how in the world they're able to, you know, keep the stamina going. what an incredible schedule just a few days on the ground, they have on the west coast. casey wian, we'll check back with you. appreciate it. perhaps overnight you felt the world grow a little bit. well, today there is a brand-new country on the globe. and the man in the cowboy hat, well, that one right there, he is the president of the newest nation. full details on the birth of a nation next. and since we're talking about the world's newest country, let me test your world knowledge. before this weekend, what was the last country to win its independence? here is a hint, the country declared independence just three years ago. the answer right after this. that's good, right? good job.
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i gave you a little quiz. prior to this weekend's independence celebration in south sudan, what was the last country to gain independence? the answer, in 2008, kosovo declared independence from serbia. the u.n. upheld that declaration and kosovo became the world's newest nation. until now. now it is south sudan. so it is nighttime there now. ending the first day in the life of a brand-new country. signs posted all around the now independent nation of south sudan read free at last. here's the world's newest president, holing up south sudan's freshly signed constitution before a massive crowd gathered to celebrate their split from a country that they struggled against for more
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than 50 years. cnn's nima el bager is in the capital city of jubia where it is independence day. very dark there now. we know up until a couple of hours ago, there were still a lot of people out. what was the day like, nima? >> reporter: there are still a lot of people out. i think most people don't want to go home because then if they do, this day will have come to an end. it was absolutely incredible. you had people dancing, people crying, it was incredibly emotional and it seemed to be very much the people's day, fredricka. you had in addition to the official celebration an entire parade route taken up with when i was told were -- going to come and perform and never made it to the parade ground because they got surrounded by people with them and alongside them. today, the president of south sudan was thanking those in the international community who have been instrumental in making this
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happen. and the united states as well has been one of the biggest, a high level delegation with former secretary of state for the defense colin powell and u.n. ambassador susan rice here. and they told me that seeing the president here together on this day has given them a lot of hope. let's take a listen to what they had to say. >> i was here in january 2005, signing the agreement on behalf of the united states of america and president bush. and there were a lot of people who wondered then whether or not it would really play out the way it was signed. here we are six years later and it worked. what most impressed me about today was the fact that both presidents stood there together and when they finally gave their individual speeches, both speeches were speeches of reconciliation. >> i think it is significant that both leaders were here today, sitting next to each other in the dinner there that was supposed to be a lunch. and, you know, there are many
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tough, tough issues to be resolved. they both acknowledged there are important differences that remain between them. but they both committed to wanting to have a partnership, their nations living side by side in peace. >> and south sudan is going to continue to need u.s. support as they build on today's independence celebration and try and turn today's festivities into lasting hope for their people, fredricka. >> so, nima, once the celebrations are over, i'm sure that takes a long time, but perhaps, you know, it is time for people to start thinking about what the first priority is going to be. what are they saying that will be? >> reporter: well priority for them, now that they're no longer part of the unified sudan, under economic sanctions, is to get much needed investment in. there is a massive development program, usaid putting a lot of money in, i've been told, but they also need foreign investors to come in.
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for that to happen, to change some of these appalling statistics we have been hearing here, you know, worst maternal mortality rate in the world, 84% of women in this country are illiterate, to turn those statistics around, they need investment and they need security. they need to try to find a way to make peace with their northern neighbor. >> all right, nima, thanks so much from south sudan. the newly independent people of south sudan are celebrating as you can see there. there is very serious diplomatic business surrounding the birth of a new nation. elise labat joins us now from washington. how does the obama administration view the independence of this south sudan. we saw there that susan rice was there, that's an indicator. >> well, susan rice was very involved as was colin powell. the united states has been pushing for the independence of south sudan. they have been very involved in
11:15 am
the sudan issue and they help the sudanese get to that referendum in july that led to the independence. i think the delegation there today just shows how happy they are, fred. today, the u.s. embassy, it was a u.s. consulate yesterday. today it is the u.s. embassy and we understand there was a big flag raising there, a very important day for the united states as it continues to work on sudan. now welcoming this new nation. >> i wonder how important it was, maybe even the symbolism behind having susan rice representing the obama administration, colin powell, secretary of state during the bush administration, that both of them would be there when you talk to a number of sudanese who say it all really got started with the bush administration and the obama administration got to see the punctuation of that effort. >> that's right. president bush and the christian right really in the united states really pushed this issue for a comprehensive peace agreement between the north and south and then the obama
11:16 am
administration, you heard president obama at the united nations in september really calling to push this along for north and south to have this referendum and to move towards what they would want for their people. and in the case with south sudan. and the last several months, the united states has been very active in terms of helping for this day, helping south sudanese get ready for independence. they still have a long way to go, but i think susan rice, who has been working on this sudan issue for decades and colin powell who was in the bush administration just showed that this is very important to the united states. >> and will that u.s. embassy be a prelude to the u.s. sending an ambassador soon or have they already done so? >> well, they haven't done so yet, but i think the intention definitely is to a point an ambassador now that there is a full embassy. we haven't heard anybody nominated yet. we understand that's forth coming. also today there was a flag raising in washington of the south sudanese embassy here in
11:17 am
the united states. it was just an office, now it is an official embassy. i think you're going to see a very sustained u.s. engagement. after decades of civil war as nima said, these people, they were displaced for many years, lack of infrastructure, lack of education, lack of health care, lack of human capacity. they really need -- when you talk about nation building, this really is building a nation. the united states is going to be very involved in helping get the government structures, getting the kinds of programs needed to help south sudan really stand up for its country. >> elise, thanks so much. appreciate that. earlier i spoke to two people born in sudan, both of them emotional and excited about this monumental change in their country and both of them eager to return home and see for themselves. my conversation with them coming up next hour. the june unemployment numbers have many people
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new jobs almost at a stand still. 18,000 jobs were added in june. the unemployment rate edged up to 9.2%. so what will it take to get our economy back on track and avoid a possible double dip recession? i asked georgia tech economics professor danny boston. >> three important sectors that we have to look at. the corporate sector, and that sector right now is having record earnings and they're sitting on record piles of cash. we have to get them to spin that
11:21 am
cash. they're not doing that. they're uncertain about the future. small businesses have to be a part of the mix because that's where the jobs come from. businesses from 0 to 50 employees and new startups. we have to do something about the housing sector. trying to recover jobs without a healthy housing sector is like running a train down the track with the caboose with its brakes on. we can't do it. >> have to feel for a lot of people in construction now and the housing market, they're getting hit very hard. so it is the number one issue in american homes, getting your financial house in order. well, today, in our weekly financial fix, surviving joblessness and debt, karen lee joining us now. she's the author of "it's your money." why does it cause so many problems, big question, because it does. >> always. >> the message you want to send is you got to use cash. don't use credit cards, but if you want to pay those bills and that unemployment check is
11:22 am
coming in every so often, you got to get groceries, you are resorting to your credit cards. how do you use it responsibly? >> there are times in our lives we don't have a choice. if you're jobless or from two incomes down to one, you probably have to do it. the fist thing we want to do, if you want to put things on your credit card, i assume you might have more than one or two, certainly want to use the lowest interest rate first. and no matter what, make sure you make that minimum payment on time. because the late fees are only going to add insult to injury. we want you to only charge the bare necessities, on our next tip we'll talk about exactly what that is. the last point though is ignore your credit limit on that card. >> it says $2500 is your limit. you're not trying to max it out. >> no. what you're trying to do is make that last as long as possible. you don't how long the situation is going to last. ignore that number. what we'll focus on is as little monthly as possible that we're adding to that. >> how do you come up with that personal limit? >> right. >> not the credit card limit but the personal limit. >> i'll say the evil word,
11:23 am
americans hate to hear it, budget. we'll start with a budget. i want you to have three columns. column number one is fixed. column number two is fixed but with -- >> fixed like your rent, mortgage. >> yes. and maybe a car payment. >> okay. >> the second column is fixed but wiggle room. so that's going to be utilities, water bill, electric bill, groceries, okay? and then your last one is discretionary. you can live without these things. so every time you go -- >> make a decision what those things are. >> every time you go to make a purchase, got to ask yourself, is this a luxury? or a necessity? and only buy necessities and i can tell you, been there, done it, two years once with my husband not working, we cut our expenses by 40% during that time, by doing this luxury or necessity. >> that's incredible. you need to almost build -- you got that formula down, embracing it, now you have a short and then some long-term. >> you got a monthly number
11:24 am
you're trying to get at or below every month. so short-term survival plan. how are you going to make it? first of all, make it a family affair. i don't want you to -- >> everyone needs to know. >> everyone needs to know. kids need to be -- i heard people say i don't want the kids to worry. kids are resilient. we're worrying way more about the money than they are. make it family affair. you can create some games or some contests to actually make it fun like timing showers. i have teenagers. >> two minutes. >> two-minute showers. >> and you have to clean everything. who can win that race. who can cook a dinner for the family on the least amount of money and help your kids get involved with it. and then the other thing, you know, i'm all about the emotions and our brain behind our money decisions. know that it is not forever. reminders that this isn't forever and you can do this for a period of time. now, long-term survival plan. >> that's not the long-term. i'm telling people --
11:25 am
>> that's short-term. short-term. long-term, get yourself prepared. you're employment situation improves, you can't go right back to the old lifestyle. >> that's what people want to do. i got a little extra money now. >> time for starbucks. >> all the things i had to let go. >> no, know going into it, it will take you another year to dig out. first thing, pay off that debt you've built up. build up your emergency reserves and focus on long-term investing, maybe your 401(k). i think the most important thing, ask yourself what lessons you've learned. >> i bet you in the end you'll start to realize there were things that you now had to do without that you really can do without. you don't have to return to -- >> i bet you're right. maybe if you used to spend a lot on take-out or eating out, you'll realize, hey, cooking this food at home, we saved a lot of money. let's keep doing that. you're probably healthier too. >> i know you helped a whole lot
11:26 am
of people there. karen lee, thanks so much. appreciate that. you might want more information from karen, and there is a lot to be had. "it's just money," so why does it cause so many problems," that's her new book and you can reach out to karen lee at nasa's shuttle program is ending. but america's first space movies will play on. let's take a look at what is on the list of the top five. coming in at number five is "2001: a space odyssey." number four, "flash gordon." number three, "aliens." would you have guessed any of these? >> no. >> after the wrebreak, the top . any guesses? ♪ ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome.
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okay, a little movie trivia, before the break, we talked about the top five space movies and we gave you numbers three through five, right there, space odyssey, flash gordon, aliens. number two, any guesses, "star wars." and number one, drum roll, please. "the right stuff," godspeed, john glenn. the woman at the center of a burial site reselling scheme in suburban chicago has been sentenced to 12 years in prison. carolyn towns pleaded guilty to six charges including removing and desecrating human remains at the historic burr oak cemetery. she was one of four workers arrested when the scheme was exposed just two years ago. a brazen escape in houston caught on surveillance camera. our affiliate khou reports the
11:30 am
two men knew jailers would open a door to a secure area to break up a fight which was allegedly staged late last month. one inmate escaped. but was caught three days later. the other inmate didn't make it out of jail. a rescue at sea. the u.s. coast guard rescues two fishermen adrift for five days in the pacific ocean. their boat lost power monday. one of the men sent a text to a relative who then called authorities. both fishermen are said to be okay. and a michigan man set out on a rigorous test of endurance this week, all in the name of charity. todd aims tried to jump from an airplane 100 times to raise awareness for brittle bone disease. people who suffer from the disease are born with fragile bones that break easily. aims managed to complete 86 jumps over 22 hours before stopping due to exhaustion. miles above the earth, the crew of the space shuttle
11:31 am
"atlantis" is busy today. they're using the shuttle's boom camera to check the heat shield for any damage and they're preparing for tomorrow's rendezvous with the international space station. our john zarrella is at the kennedy space center in florida, keeping tabs on what the astronauts are still doing. i know you're still riding high on witnessing that historic launch yesterday. >> reporter: yeah. fredricka, i got to say one thing about the movies, that's a good number one choice, but i always liked apollo 13, one of my favorites too. >> that was cool too. >> that's high up on my list. >> we'll try to add that to the list. >> yeah, get that in there. i'll do my own top five list. >> okay. >> the astronauts are -- they're chasing down the international space station right now, traveling about 17,000 miles an hour, as you mentioned. they're getting themselves in position for the rendezvous tomorrow. and the docking with the space station, which will happen about 11:00 in the morning eastern time on sunday morning. right now, today, they did
11:32 am
complete the inspection of the leading edges of the shuttle's wings. and they use the shuttle's robotic arm to do that inspection. these were techniques that were developed in the aftermath of a columbia accident because, of course, most people know that the accident was caused by foam falling off of the main tank, the schedule tank, hitting the leading edge of the wing which ultimately caused the "columbia" accident. they developed these techniques to look at the leading edges of the wings to make sure there was no damage. they'll be releasing the results of that inspection a little later today. and then tomorrow, as they approach the space station, the space station's cameras will take a look at the underbelly of the shuttle and take a look at the tiles there to make sure there has been no damage to the shuttle's tiles either. so right now, again, on their way to the space station, they have got a busy 12 days ahead. carrying about 7,000 pounds of
11:33 am
cargo, more than any shuttle has ever carried before. so if they can stock the space station's pantry, stock the refrigerator, it will keep the space station stocked up for about a year. and then they'll take back a bunch of stuff, a lot of junk they no longer need on the station. fredricka? >> very good. they'll be busy and so are you. we'll see you again later on today and tomorrow. so there. >> yes, indeed. >> john zarrella, thanks so much. appreciate that. well, "atlantis'" mission is expected to end around july 20th or it could be extended by an extra day after that. what's next for nasa? josh levs has all the answers per usual. look into your craze tystal bal what do you see? >> we keep talking about last, last, last. nasa says it will stay at the forefront of space exploration. and this, the other day, the nasa chief was talking about the
11:34 am
future, this is an actual video of the asteroid vesta. in a matter of days, a u.s. spacecraft called the dawn is expected to arrive at its orbit around this asteroid. now what is so cool about this is you can see this in the night sky. it looks like a star to you. unless you're -- have a lot of expertise in it, it will. that's the only asteroid visible to the naked eye. that's going on right now and through next month and also next month, this will be happening, the juneau spacecraft launches a five-year cruise up to jupiter. this is animation here. both the efforts will help scientists better understand the solar system and how the planets evolved. and nasa says it is committed to further exploring mars. this is the plan for the next mars rover, the curiosity that leaves in november and would land in august 2012. a lot faster trip than the one to jupiter. nasa says it is also going to stay in the lead with manned space flight.
11:35 am
here is administrator charles boldon. >> so when i hear people say or listen to the media reports that the final shuttle flight marks the end of u.s. human space flight, i have to tell you, you all must be living on another planet. >> he said nasa wants u.s. astronauts to travel on private space missions and they're also working on new types of vehicles to bring people up to space. i have one to show you. 4:00 p.m. hour this afternoon, i'll show you, everything i just showed you i posted online. you can check out the technology yourself. it is on facebook and twitter. the message that nasa is trying to get out is they're going to stay at the forefront. a lot of critics concerned about what is happening is saying the u.s. will lose its dominance in the battle to control the future in space. >> and money. >> money. >> is at the core of all of this. >> it is a real problem. nasa this year had a budget of
11:36 am
$19 billion. you keep hearing about the wrangling in congress over the 2012 fiscal year. basically all of the legitimate budgets presented will slash nasa's funding to some extent. we'll see how big an impact that is on nasa and its operations. >> josh, thanks so much. see you again next hour on this. next hour, we're going more in depth about the future of the space program with a nasa insider. we'll be talking with a former shuttle commander, eileen collins, first female commander of a space shuttle, 3:40 eastern time with her take on what is ahead for nasa. after a staggering 168 years in circulation, scandal stops the presses at "the news of the world." looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them.
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so it is the end of the news of the world. the british tabloid that eaved dropped on the royal family is about to be shut down after getting caught up in a much wider hacking scandal. its journalist reportedly hacked in voice mails of murder and terror victims. dan rivers is following the developments in london with new arrests, right? >> yeah, well, that's right. andy carson, the former editor, was arrested friday here in the uk. he was questioned for about nine hours in london police station and then released on bail.
11:40 am
so that is a very significant development. that followed revelations that the newspaper had been bribing police officers in order to get stories. something that has been illegal here for more than 100 years. but that wasn't the only arrest in this saga. there were a number of other arrests including a 63-year-old man who was believed to be a private detective who worked for the newspaper. and also its former royal correspondent who had already served a four-month sentence in prison for hacking into prince william's voice mail. he was rearrested and questioned again over the allegations of bribing officers. >> and, dan, i wonder, has there been anything said about the former editor, one of the top executives, rebecca brooks, and whether she should be worried at all that investigators will be coming her way?
11:41 am
>> well, i would imagine she is extremely worried. though she has maintained throughout that she knew nothing about any of these illegal practices when she was editing the newspaper between 2000 and 2003. she has been elevated since then to chief executive of the parent company but there have been calls from all sides, really, here that she should step down, she should take responsibility for what went on her watch. she has maintained she knew nothing about it. for the moment, she remains in post. rurp ert measu rupert murdoch, her ultimate boss, is on his way to the uk amid this growing crisis around this newspaper. meanwhile, the 260 staff just finishing up this last edition in the building behind me, they're all out of a job. some of them spoke earlier today, i think we have a sound bite of some of the staff that came out. have a listen.
11:42 am
>> emotional, but every single one of us working up there stays very proud that we're working for the news of the world. we're very proud of our colleagues. we're very proud of our editor. and we go out with our heads held up high. >> they're all heading down to the pub as you would expect after such a sort of tumultuous day for them. a lot of emotion around as well. a lot of them feel they were brought into the paper after all this phone hacking scandal had been going on. they feel that they have done nothing wrong, but they're being asked to pay for somebody else's mistake and paying with their jobs. >> so real quick, you wonder, you said rupert murdoch on his way to london, is he planning on having any face time with any of those employees who were enjoying their last day today? >> well, we all have been waiting to see if he he'll tu'l here tonight. we haven't seen him yet.
11:43 am
frankly i don't think anyone really knows what his plan is. but certainly he will be keen to try and lance this bob. this is becoming a bill politic issue. it is going right to the doorstep of the british prime minister because he hired one of the guys who was arrested, andy carson. that turned into a big political scandal as well. it is getting bigger as every passing day here. >> dan rivers, keep us posted on that from london. thanks so much. back here in the states, heat advisories from kansas city to shreveport, louisiana. meteorologist jacqui jeras has the forecast next. that's good, right? good job.
11:44 am
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megared softgels are small and easy to swallow with no fishy smell or aftertaste. try megared today. a baseball milestone today. we'll take you to yankees stadium in a moment. there a yankees short stopper derek jeter hits 3,000. and guess who was lucky enough to be right there in the stands to witness it for himself? richard ross, taking a little break from the u.n., instead at yankee stadium. what was that moment like? oh, man. doesn't look like we have connected with richard. we're going to try it again at some other point, maybe with all the excitement and the frenzy, you know, the phone line got dropped. we'll try it again. anyway, that is the news and the sports news of the day. derek jeter hits 3,000 and it
11:47 am
was a full house there at yankee stadium. folks got to see it. you see some of the still images, the early images of the short stopper. let's check in with jacqui jeras. hot everywhere, but wasn't too hot to make history at yankee stadium. he's hot, but it wasn't too hot. how is that in. >> all these people cheering and richard is holding this phone, knocked out of his hand. >> that's what i'm envisioning. he dropped the phone. we'll have to reconnect. >> i know. what a great summer day for so many people out there. the heat is really starting to become a concern. it is not going to get better. it is going to get worse in the upcoming days. this is a live picture. look at that. we have a bug on the lens. did you see that? >> there it is again. >> that's memphis where it is buggy and hot. 91 degrees is the temperature. feels like 98. it is zipping on by there, isn't it? there is a heat advisory in effect today. we're getting to that time of the afternoon now where it is going to be at its worst between
11:48 am
3:00 and 7:00, feeling like 100 over several hours. becomes dangerous. stay in the ac if you can, check on your neighbors, don't forget about your pets. we have excessive heat watches in effect for tomorrow. here is where we expect the heat to top out today. we're talking about 105 in little rock. 93 in nashville. 106 in montgomery. even 98 down there in new orleans. and as we head into tomorrow, we're going to bump that up a little more and a little more as we head into our monday. unfortunately. the other concern we have is severe thunderstorms. we'll be watching the upper midwest, not just today, but tomorrow as well. at this hour, nothing too severe out there. we have spotty thunderstorms into the upper midwest, bringing in downpours, maybe impacting your barbecue. we're more concerned about the thunderstorms that are starting to kick up across parts of the southeast. extremely heavy rain. we could be picking up one to two inches per hour and a lot of lightning. that worries me in the summertime.
11:49 am
i can't tell you how many times i've been at the pool and there is thunder, and nobody pays attention. go inside. >> usually at least have to get out of the water. >> if you got a lifeguard, they're telling you to get out. if you don't -- >> that's true. all right. >> get out. >> note to self. all right, thanks. time for a cnn equals politics update. keeping an eye on all the headline and here is's what's crossing right now. washington is remembering former first lady betty ford who died at the age of 93. gerald ford became president when richard nixon resigned in 1974. president obama called mrs. ford a powerful advocate for women's health and women's rights, who also helped to reduce the social stigma surrounding addiction. house democratic leader nancy pelosi says her caucus will oppose any social security or medicare benefit cuts. that may put house democrats at
11:50 am
odds with president obama who says he's working with republicans to find what he calls a balanced approach to reduce the federal deficit. both the democrats and republicans now have candidates to replace former new york congressman anthony weanier. he resigned june 16th. the democrats have nominated new york assemblyman david weperin for his seat and republicans are backing businessman bob turner. the election is in september. and for the latest political news, you know where to go, tter than ever! right now, go to priceline for a sneak peek at recent winning hotel bids to find where you can save up to 60% on hotels. * we'll even email you other people's winning bids, so you'll know what price to name. *á with new hotel bid alerts, from priceline.
11:51 am
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all right, flash mobs are all the rage these days. no matter where you go, shopping mall or -- have you ever seen one? viral videos all the time. we have fun ones. >> yeah. >> this one involved a church group. >> mm-hmm. >> some young-ins. >> from the atlanta area. >> right. >> they were having a little fun. >> yeah. >> take a look. >> let's peek. ♪ get down on it get down on it ♪ ♪ get down on it get down on it ♪ ♪ get down on it get down on it ♪ >> okay.
11:54 am
bringing cool and the gang back. they had a lot of fun there. >> this is the song. "jump," come on, right? >> okay, yeah, i know that. >> this isn't it. >> yeah, it is. this is called "jump around." i never the titles of songs and names of the group. play the tune, i'm with you. >> this wasn't just one song. it was a little medley. makes it more fun. >> they call these moves the walk. they had a lot of fun. >> they did. >> i had fun. >> you ready to dance? >> maybe we should cue up that cool and the gang. >> go to commercial instead. >> we're going to walk. okay. viral videos. that's it. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor. and it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free.
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new u.s. defense secretary leon panetta met with troops in afghanistan. it is panetta's first trip to the country since taking over his new job a week ago. panetta told reporters the u.s. is in reach of strategically defeating al qaeda. he says the u.s. has identified 10 to 20 key al qaeda leaders whom he says are in pakistan, yemen and other areas. al qaeda is making a comeback in afghanistan. u.s. commanders are seeing a sudden resurgence just as american troops are getting ready to leave. cnn's nick payton walsh joined an army patrol on the hunt. >> reporter: almost a decade in the hunt for al qaeda in one part of eastern afghanistan looks like this. americans pushing the afghans to the front, taking the high
11:58 am
ground in hills impossible to police. the pressure for less americans here is extreme, but the afghans only mustered five men for this patrol. >> it has to be five to seven round bursts and go. >> reporter: and despite this training, policing the local villages, let alone taking on the terrorist network that america came here to eradicate. it is here that afghanistan's future looks like its past. american control does not extend up to this valley and high on the ridgelines, they found safe havens for al qaeda. they have revealed to cnn they located here al qaeda fighters using the secluded alpine villages for training and planning. in june, hundreds of americans were airlifted in, 9,000 feet up, but they faced fierce resistance and a longer nastier fight than planned.
11:59 am
u.s. officials say they killed 120 insurgents and top leaders, many taliban, but several of them arabs linked to al qaeda, damaging their network. yet the clashes revealed that al qaeda for years said to be mostly across the border in pakistan is again a concern, back where they started in afghanistan's hills. we pushed down into the valley, still an insurgent stronghold. high tech american attack helicopters buzzed overhead until militants shot at them from up the valley. >> it is uncharacteristic for the taliban, i know, from around here. they're getting pretty gutsy. right past there, usually our patrols don't push it too far past that. if you push it far past that, you'll take enemy contact, it is pretty certain. >> reporter: the afghans clear about who lay in wait for them ahead. >> translator: it is very dangerous. there are taliban, arabs,